What is mesology ?

Nous vous invitons à une conférence de Pauline Couteau "What is mesology ? From Watsuji Tetsurô’s study of milieux to Augustin Berque’s mesology".

Vendredi 2 juin 2017, à 13H15
INSTitut de philosophie, KRAKOWSKIE PRZEDMIEŚCIE 3, S. 108

The standpoint of this communication is to show the different paths that gave birth to Augustin Berque’s concept of mesology and the importance of the Japanese philosopher, Watsuji Tetsurô in this construction. 

To enlighten this, we will start with Watsuji’s philosophical journey and continue with Berque’s own intellectual journey until the meeting with Watsuji’s book « Fûdo ». It will lead us to analyze the concept of mesology in Berque’s view and how we can link it with other thinkers – and concepts to underline the importance of such an idea."

Pauline Couteau graduated in philosophy at The Université Libre de Bruxelles and EHESS. She is a specialist of Japanese philosophy. She is currently teaching at Paris 8 and working at Sciences Po as international affairs manager for central and eastern Europe."


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